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ChefMike Fucci

Working alongside my Uncle Mike in the kitchen taught me everything I needed to know to be not only the person, but the Chef I am today. My Uncle Mike was the most amazing person I’ve ever known. He taught me how to cook, but also how to love everything about the culinary arts. He gave me the passion and skill that I needed to make a career from what I love most, and every day I am grateful for having had him in my life.

My career has taken me all around the world, but the greatest part of my journey, thus far, has been building my company. I take great pride in the success of Chef Mike’s Catering Company. When a client calls me still raving about the wedding I catered for them more than twenty years ago and asks me to cater their child’s wedding now, that is the greatest feeling in the world! I love sharing what I do with others and creating strong and lasting relationships with my clients.

helpinghands charity

Since 2013, Chef Mike’s Helping Hands has worked to feed thousands of homeless children and veterans across Boston. Each year, with the help of volunteers and donations, fresh and balanced meals are prepared and then hand-delivered to give back to those that need it the most. To us, hunger is not an acceptable shortcoming of society.